I Forgot my Capitec Remote Banking PIN

I forgot my Capitec remote banking PIN. A lot of people have been saying this. Capitec is a bit confusing in this regard because you have the remote banking PIN, then you have the bank card PIN. There is also the online banking PIN. All these PINs need to be different, according to Capitec. The remote banking PIN is one of the most useful PINs that you will have. It’s used for logging into the bank’s app. It’s also used when verifying certain transactions. So, what do you do in the event that you have forgotten your remote banking PIN?

How to retrieve your Capitec remote banking PIN

The following is what to do in the event that you forgot your Capitec remote banking PIN;

  • Open the Capitec app and click on Forgot PIN on the login screen. A selfie will be needed to verify your identify. You will then be able to create a new PIN.
  • If you still have access to the Capitec app, you can retrieve the PIN by going to Profile, Settings then Change Remote PIN.
  • Unfortunately, a lot of people will no longer have access to the app. If that is the case, you will need to visit your nearest bank branch to have the PIN reset.
  • In the event that access to the app has been blocked, you can have the app reset by calling 0860102043. Note that the app will be blocked if you enter the wrong PIN 3 times.

How not to forget your Capitec remote banking PIN

That’s the answer to the question I forgot my Capitec remote banking PIN, what do I do? In the above section, we showed you how you can reset the PIN.

A lot of people have been forgetting their PINs. But how do you remember yours? We have previously written on how to reset your Capitec bank card PIN?

Capitec advised people not to write down their PINs. That’s for security reasons. If you write your PIN down, another person may find it and they will have access to your account.

Some people expose themselves by writing their PINs on pieces of paper and placing the papers at the back of their cellphones. Again, this is something that you should not do.

But we believe there is need to write your PIN somewhere, considering the fact that there are so many PINs and passwords. Put yours somewhere that no other person can find.

Don’t label it as the Capitec remote banking PIN. It’s good to do this because if you forget your PIN, you will be able to find it. Otherwise you will go through a lot of trouble to reset the remote PIN.


In this article, we gave the answer to the issue; I forgot my Capitec remote banking PIN. A lot of people forget their banking PINs. The good news is that there are ways through which you can recover it. The remote PIN is important because you use it for signing into the app and for approving transactions.

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