Capitec Bank Swift Code

What is the Capitec bank swift code? You will be asking yourself that question if you are looking to get money from abroad. All banks across the globe have swift codes. Swift codes are unique for each bank and they are used to identify each bank. A swift code can also be referred to as a Bank Identifier Code (BIC). In order for someone to send you money, they need to fill in your Swift or BIC code. So, what is the BIC for Capitec in South Africa?

What is the Capitec Bank BIC?

The Capitec Swift Code is CABLZAJJ. That’s the number that people sending money to Capitec accounts from abroad need to use.

Capitec routing number

That is the Capitec bank Swift Code. In some instances, if you wish to send money from abroad to a Capitec account, you will also be asked for a routing number. In that case, the Capitec bank routing number is 198765.

What else is needed when sending money to South Africa

In this article, we gave you the Capitec bank Swift Code. We also gave the routing number for Capitec bank. It was noted that these are some of the things that you need in order to transfer money to a Capitec bank account from abroad.

But are these the only things that you need? There are other things that you will need. The following is everything that is needed to send money to Capitec from abroad;

  • The SWIFT Code as outlined above.
  • The name of the Beneficiary Customer: Your name and surname
  • The recipient’s Account Number/IBAN: That is the 10-digit Capitec Account Number
  • Account Name: Your name and surname.

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In this article we gave you the Capitec bank Swift Code along with the banks’ routing number. We also gave you other items that are required when sending money to a Capitec account from abroad. With these details, you should have no problem getting all your payments.

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