Tyme Bank Swift Code

What is the Tyme Bank swift code? It’s something that you will be asking yourself as part of the process of getting money from abroad into your account. The swift code is one of the important details that are needed when transferring money from a foreign bank to a bank in South Africa. The other details are the Beneficiary customer, the Account number and the Account name. The swift code is sometimes referred to as the Bank Identifier Code (BIC).

What is the Tyme Bank swift code BIC

The Tyme Bank swift code is CBZAZAJJ. That’s the number that you use in order to receive international payments.

Does Tyme Bank accept international payments?

That’s the Tyme bank BIC. We have already noted that you need this in order to get international payments? Some people have been asking, does Tyme Bank accept international payments?

The answer is yes, Tyme Bank does accept international payments. It means you will be able to receive money from friends, family and businesses outside South Africa.

What is a Swift Code?

If this is your first time getting money from abroad, or sending money from abroad to South Africa, you will be wondering what a swift code is. And what is a BIC?

Each bank that is out there has a Swift Code. It’s a code that is unique to the bank. It’s therefore used to identify a particular bank. That’s important for international transactions.

How much interest does Tyme Bank give?


In this article, we gave you the Tyme bank swift code. It was noted that this code is needed for sending money to a Tyme bank account in South Africa. In fact, a Swift code is needed to get money from one account to another in different countries.

We also noted that a swift code is a unique identifyer for a bank. We have previously written on the Capitec swift code. You will notice that it’s different from the one for Tyme bank. that’s the case for all banks that are out there.

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