Online Stores that Accept Payflex

What are the online stores that accept Payflex? Payflex is one of the greatest innovations on the South African ecommerce scene. It allows people to buy and get goods immediately, with payments being staggered over 3 weeks. Upon purchase, you are required to pay only 25% of the price. The rest can be paid later. It’s a great service if you do not currently have enough cash to buy the goods or services that you need. But which online stores accept Payflex?

Where can I use Payflex?

The following are some of the online stores that accept Payflex in South Africa;

  • Russels
  • Takealot (for orders up to R15000)
  • Bounce
  • Electreus
  • Rocking Royal
  • TEK
  • UrbanLux
  • Yellow Sub Trading (YST)
  • FullyWell By Mell
  • Nupt Bridal
  • Urban Republic SA
  • Prickly Pear Kids SA
  • Jiffy Steamer
  • Raw
  • Designs by LP

How does Payflex work?

Those are some of the online stores in South Africa that accept Payflex. As you can see, there are a lot of stores that sell a wide range of products. These include electronic goods and baby clothes. You can also buy your wedding gear using this method.

But how does Payflex work? It’s something that we have already touched on. With Payflex, you get the ability to pay only 25% of the purchase price. After you have done this, whatever it is that you have bought gets delivered to you.

You then have the option to pay the remainder within a period of 6 weeks. So, you will have the option to pay 25% every 2 weeks till the dept is paid up. The good thing is that you do not get charged any interest. Interest only accrues upon missed payments.

What stores accept Paypal in South Africa?


In this article, we gave a list of the online stores that accept Payflex. It was noted that this is a good way of making purchases if you do not currently have the fully asking amount for whatever it is that you are buying.

With Payflex, you make 4 payments that are staggered over 3 weeks. The great thing is that no interest is charged and there are no additional fees. Another good thing is that after paying the initial 25%, your goods get delivered to you.

Here are some online stores that accept payment on delivery

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