How to Reverse Absa Cash Send

Do you wish to learn how to reverse Absa Cash Send? It’s something that a number of people have been looking to do. Cash Send is a service offered by Absa through which money can be send to recipients across South Africa. Those getting the money do not need to have Absa bank accounts. They just need to have valid South African phone numbers. You are here because you wish to reverse a Cash Send transaction. How do you do that?

Absa cash send reversal

The following is how to reverse Absa Cash Send;

  1. Log into the Absa app.
  2. If the money was send to one of your beneficiaries, click on the Menu bar and then click on Beneficiaries. The menu bar can be found next to the Absa logo.
  3. Now click on CashSend.
  4. Scroll to the beneficiary that whose CashSend you wish to reverse.
  5. Click on the history icon that can be found on the beneficiary.
  6. You will see a list of the CashSends to that you have made to the person.
  7. Click on More in front of the CashSend to be reversed.
  8. Choose Remove CashSend.

Reversing a Cash Send to a person who is not a beneficiary

If the Cash Send was to a person who was not a beneficiary, you can also reverse it via online banking. You cannot do this using Absa online banking.

Go to Full Service once logged in. Next, go to Payments and then CashSend. Finally, go to View unredeemed transactions. You can then take the next steps to reverse the transaction.

Why reverse a CashSend?

That’s how to reverse an Absa Cash Send. But why would you even seek to do this? There are a number of reasons why you may be forced to take this step.

One of these reasons is the fact that Absa is limited when it comes to where to collect Cash Send. We have previously noted that it cannot be done at Checkers or at any other retail store.

You can only withdraw your Cash Send at an Absa ATM. Most people are not aware of this when sending money. If you send to someone who lives far from an Absa ATM, they may not be able to collect their money.

In that case, the only thing that you will be able to do is to reverse the transaction. Once you have done this, you can use another method to transfer the money.

You can use MoMo as an example. Or you can use Standard Bank’s Instant Cash which allows for collection at retail stores across the country.


This post was dedicated to showing you how to reverse Absa Cash Send. It was noted that this is something that you may wish to do if the person to whom you send money is unable to collect it. The good news is that you can easily revers a Cash Send, either on the Absa App or through online banking.

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