How Does Capitec Notify Lotto Winners?

How does Capitec notify Lotto winners? It’s a question that many Lotto lovers have been asking. We have an article in which we highlight how to claim your Lotto winnings from Capitec. It’s a very popular article. From the comments that we have been getting, it’s clear that there is confusion on whether or not Capitec notifies lotto winners. What happens when you win after playing via the Capitec app?

How do you know that you have won lotto after playing via Capitec app?

Capitec notifies Lotto winners via SMS, depending on the amount of money that they have won. If you have won less than R50000, Capitec will automatically deposit your winnings into your account within 72 hours without notifying you. However, if your winnings are R50000 and above, you will get notification from Capitec via SMS.

You need to check whether or not you have won

That’s the answer to the question how does Capitec notify Lotto winners? We noted in the above explanation that notifications are automatically send out via text messages.

One thing to note is that if you have played Lotto, you will need to check whether or not you have won every draw day.

We suspect that the system is not foolproof. That’s based on the messages that we have been getting from people on this blog. Many say they were not notified. Others say they never got their money.

In some instances, that last bit is because the winnings will be so small that they may not be noticeable when they are deposited into your account. So, a lot of people have been complaining.

Whatever the case for you, you can reach out to Capitec to get answers. Talk to them on their call centre number for help. They should be able to help you out with all your queries.


In this article, we answered the question how does Capitec notify Lotto winners? We noted that notification is send out via SMS. After you have won, you should get a message informing you of the fact. However, that may be dependent on the amount that you have won. In any case, if you have issues, we have provided the means through which you can get help from Lotto.


  1. Hi, my name is Moitoi it’s been days now since I won lotto by 3 numbers and bonus and 3 numbers again I did not get paid even yesterday I won by 3 numbers what’s wrong?

    1. I have the same question how can we trust that Capitec is spot on in checking our lotto numbers and results and also pay us out

  2. Capitec banking system is easy but to be honest the Fnb lotto notifications is best that’s what I miss the most not having to go around verifying if I won a mere one R10. 00 fnb let’s me know… So it’s a better bank for that.

  3. Please notify me if I have won whatever amount. I am a Capitec Client..sms me or send me an email. Thanks

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