How to See Previously Played Lotto Numbers on Capitec App

Do you need information on how to see your previously played Lotto numbers on the Capitec app? A lot of people in South Africa have been playing Lotto via the Capitec app. It’s easier to do than buying tickets at a nearby retail outlet or elsewhere. One question that we have been getting from people is how they can access their Lotto history. Perhaps you wish to play those same numbers one more time. Where do you find them on the app?

How to see lotto history on Capitec app

The following is how to see your previously played Lotto numbers on the Capitec app;

  1. Open the Capitec app on your phone.
  2. Go to Play Lotto.
  3. Choose  LOTTO, PowerBall or DAILY LOTTO.
  4. Click on History.
  5. Click on the ticket that you wish to see.

How many tickets can I see?

That’s how to see your previously played lotto numbers on the Capitec app. But how much lotto history do you get?

You get 10 previous tickets displayed under the tickets section. You can choose to see each of these tickets.

Why check previous lotto numbers on Capitec?

Now you know how to view your Lotto ticket history. But why would you want to see this history in the first place? Most people do so to see whether or not they won.

We have previously answered the question on whether or not Capitec will notify you when you win. It was noted that they will only do so on amounts R50000 and above.

What it means is that if you win smaller amounts, you will need to check personally. You will have to compare your numbers to the numbers that were drawn that week or that day.

So, you could be here looking to make the comparison. Another reason for accessing your Lotto playing history would be if you wish to replay the same numbers. In fact, this is something that you can do using the above mentioned instructions.


In this article, we showed you how to see previously played Lotto numbers on the Capitec app. It was noted that accessing your lotto playing history can be important if you wish to play the same numbers again. It’s also important for checking whether or not you won.

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