How to Claim Lotto Winnings from Capitec

Do you wish to learn how to claim Lotto winnings from Capitec? You are probably here because you or someone you know has just hit the jackpot. You have won Lotto and you are now looking to get your money. Let’s begin by saying you are very lucky. South Africans only have one in around 20 million chances of winning the lottery. So, the odds are staked against you. The fact that you have landed winnings means you are one of the lucky few. But how do you claim your money if you played via the Capitec app or through Capitec USSD?

How to collect your lotto winnings from Capitec

The following is how to claim your Lotto winnings from Capitec;

  1. If your winnings are below R49999 and below, they will automatically be deposited into your Capitec account. You won’t have to do anything. This will happen within 3 days.
  2. For those whose winnings are between R50 000 and R249 999, a text message will be sent to you phone notifying you about your winnings. The money will then be deposited into you account within the space of 7 days.
  3. If you win money that is over R250 000, you will have to collect the money directly from the lotto authorities. You can call 0800484822 to learn more about what you need to do in order to claim your money. That’s the Ithuba helpline.

What do I need to present to collect your earnings?

That’s how to claim Lotto winnings from Capitec. We noted in this article that if you played via one of the Capitec channels, how you get your money will vary depending on how big your earnings are.

It was noted that figures over R250 000 need to be collected directly from Ithuba. But what do you need to present in order to get your earnings?

You will be required to present proof of identity in the form of your ID card. They will also ask you to fill in certain documents before collecting your money.

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In this post, we showed you how to claim Lotto winnings from Capitec. It was noted that Capitec is one of the banks through which people can play lotto using one of the digital channels.

People do so using the Capitec app or via USSD. Should you win, you will get your earnings in different ways, depending on the amount of money that you would have won.

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    1. How long will someone receive notification if won jackpot via capitec app bcoz they say if u claim your money within 24 hrs is non taxable,so if the bank notify me within 2 days it means I will be taxed even though wasn’t my fault

        1. Hi Dezil. You money should be deposited within 3 days. Otherwise you can get in touch with Capitec to find out whats happening.

  1. How long does it take to receive notification from Capitec for the winning more than R250 000?
    Is the notification via sms or will I automatically see on the app if I won more than 250 000??

  2. My number was cloned and i didnt get any notification can u sew if there is any lotto results to me on my capitec acount

    1. If it’s below the amounts that were mentioned in this article, it will deposited into your account. If it’s above, they will tell you what to do. What usually happens for most people is that the amounts that they win are so small that they do not even notice when the money is deposited into their accounts.

  3. If I win above R250k to millions and I have played quick pick online. Will I get an automatic notification that I have won or do I need to search if I’m a winner manually.

    1. Money will be deposited into your account automatically. However, you may not notice if the amount is too little. It will probably be swallowed by your account.

  4. Must the numbers be in order to win or random because I got some numbers right but they weren’t in order

  5. Must the numbers be in order to win or random because I got some numbers right but they weren’t in order to win

  6. If you switched to app notifications only and you win over 250k will I still gonna get SMS notification ?

  7. I played and have my reference numbers.
    Don’t know whether I won anything or nothing.
    Did not receive notifications w.r.t either.

  8. Hi when I play from Capitec app lotto with R30 I get the notification via SMS.
    I never received any sms of my winnings less than R50 why not.

  9. I got 3 numbers in the lotto plus 1,but not in order ie ascending order,
    from smallest to largest, do l qualify for a win

    1. Not sure what you mean but as long as you got the required number of numbers on the same board (ie on the same line), then you should get paid.

  10. Hi. There are many ways of bringing money to South Africa from abroad as long as it’s the proceeds of honest transactions. Examples are Paypal, money transfer and much more. For the specifics that you mention, you will have to approach Capitec directly. They may wish to look at the source of the funds. That puts you in a pickle, you should collect the money yourself if you wish to be able to show that you won it fair and square. Whatever you do, stay legal

  11. I have phoned capitec several times, quoted my reference number. Agent checked and confirmed where I have proof winning R1078.20 2weeks ago on powerball. Yet no money being paid out? How is this possible. I have phoned ithuba and sent back to capitec. I’m clearly not going to buy on the app. Really somebody help. Has this maybe happened to anyone you know?

  12. What’s the point of playing lotto or Powerball on the App but payment is not automatic as promised ? then how does Capitec regulates this ? It’s unfair to win and not get paid as per rules . So then I have to always check my numbers and not rely solely if I win I might lose and would never know because I will not get the money ever . So best is to play the manual ticket way and a ticket . Clearly the App is failing us

  13. Hi I recently notified by capitec that I won’t be getting sms notification, messages will be in app messages, so I would like to know will my lotto winnings be notified in app more than 250 000 above?

  14. I’m one of those unhappy clients who are playing lotto via capitec app.My winnings of 3 numbers are not paid.Why?I feel I should be notified because as a pensioner,that R7 or R15 means a lot to me.Please notify your clients irrespective of small or large amount of money.Please assist your clients.Thank you admin.

    1. Very true. It’s a funny system that they have. If someone wins, they should be notified, however small the winnings may be. How will you know you have won if you are not notified. It’s surprising actually. This should be something that’s not too difficult to implement.

  15. Why does capitec or all banks not deposit all amounts won if played via app directly to account that played lotto ,whether jackpot or not because we live in unsafe country where someone can be kidnapped and robbed while going to collect money from ithuba.If someone played via bank app it means that person is over 18 and has a valid account.

  16. I got a call from lotto winnings, a missed call. Tried to check truecaller it says it is lotto winnings. But it was not a call not sms is this possible scam

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