How to Buy Data on Capitec Connect SIM Card

Do you wish to find out how to buy data on your Capitec Connect SIM card? Capitec, South Africa’s largest bank in terms of the number of customers, has joined Standard Bank and FNB to become an Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MNVO). These are companies that offer telecommunication services, but that do not have infrastructure of their own. Capitec Connect launched in September 2022. The service already boasts of having has a respectable number of customers. If you are one of them, one thing you will be looking to do is to buy data on your Capitec Connect SIM. How do you do this?

Steps to buy Capitec Connect data

The following is how to buy data on a Capitec Connect mobile SIM card;

  1. You can buy Capitec Connect data by dialing the USSD code *120*3279#. Choose Buy Prepaid. Choose the account to be used for the purchase. Enter the amount to be bought. Enter you number. Verify the transaction using your Mobile Banking PIN.
  2. Alternatively, you can use the Capitec Connect app to buy data. Once logged in, go to Transact, then Buy prepaid mobile. You will then need to add a beneficial. Once the beneficiary is added, you can buy airtime through Transact, Buy prepaid mobile, choosing the beneficiary, choosing the account to be used, Choose product type, Choose Data, Entering amount and clicking on Confirm.
  3. It’s also possible to buy data through internet banking.

Why move over to Capitec Connect

That’s how to buy data on a Capitec Connect SIM card. Four days after it launched the Capitec Connect product, the bank was boasting that it had already handed over 10000 SIM cards to their customers.

It only goes to show how much interest is out there around this service. But why are people so interested? One of the biggest benefits is the promise that any airtime, data and SMSes that you buy will never expire. You will be able to use them even years from now.

That’s a departure from the usual practice where data and airtime expire after a short while. So, this is one major attraction for people. Another is the fact that banking and mobile communication services have become so connected that it makes sense to make your bank your mobile phone operator.

Most people now transact on their banks via their mobile phones. This link makes it logical to get the Capitec Connect SIM. Another attraction is that Capitec Connect offers flat rates on airtime and data. It means whether you are buying 1GB or a few Mbs, the rate is the same. At the moment, the rate is R4.50 per 100MB, R45 per GB.

You may also like the fact that there are no out of bundle charges. That’s something that worries people a lot. Imagine running out of data and then not realizing that all your airtime is being used up.

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In this article, we showed you how to buy data on a Capitec Connect SIM card. It was noted that Capitec Connect is a recent entrant on the telecommunications scene. The bank join other banks in offering cellphone services to consumers.

You may be wondering what network Capitec Connect uses. Remember we noted that Capitec Connect is an MVNO. They don’t have their own network. They use established networks. But which network is used in this case?

Well, Capitec uses Cell C. It’s the same for the other MVNOs such as Standard Bank and FNB. They all use Cell C. However, Cell C has plans to move all MVNOs to MTN over the coming few years. That’s because Cell C is itself diverting from focusing on maintaining a network to also become an MVNO.

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