How to Use Scan to Pay on Capitec App

Do you wish to learn how to use Scan to Pay to make payments using the Capitec app? This is a feature that brings convenience to Capitec customers. Instead of spending long using your card and PIN or carrying cash, you can simply pay by scanning a barcode using your phone and money is instantly deducted from your account. The good news is that Scan to Pay is accepted at a wide range of outlets across South Africa.

How to use scan to pay on Capitec app

The following is how to scan to pay using the Capitec app;

  1. Download the Capitec app onto your phone.
  2. Once you have logged in, go to Transact.
  3. Next, go to Scan to pay.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and give the Capitec app access to your camera.
  5. Now click on Scan and scan the barcode that’s at the till point.
  6. Choose the card with which you wish to make your payment.
  7. Type in the amount.
  8. Click on Pay and your payment will go through.

Is this feature safe?

That’s how to scan to pay using the Capitec app. This is a very convenient feature that enables Capitec customers to quickly make payments from their phones without the need for having bank cards. But is this a safe feature?

The answer is yes. Scan to pay is very safe. You need to have access to your Capitec app PIN to be able to use this phone. Even if you were to lose your phone, it’s improbable that the thief will have access to this PIN. It means they won’t be able to scan to pay.

Above all this is a feature that’s mean to make payments easier. You can pay this way at outlets that display MasterpassTM. Also look for outlets displaying SnapScan and ZapperTM QRcodes.

All major stores such as Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay, Shell and Engen accept scan to pay. These outlets can be found all over South Africa.

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In this article we showed you how to use scan to pay on the Capitec app. This is a very convenient payment method that a lot of people have been looking to use. It removes the need to carry around cards which can be vulnerable to cloning. With scan to pay, all that you need to is use your phone to scan a QR code at outlets that accept this method of payment. Payments are quick and easy.

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