How to Get Confirmation Letter from Nedbank App

Do you wish to learn how to get a confirmation letter from the Nedbank app? You may need this when dealing with some companies. A confirmation letter is used as proof that you are the owner of a certain bank account. It has a variety of uses. Some companies will demand a confirmation letter before paying you refunds. This ensures that money is paid to the correct person. If you are the one getting credit, a confirmation letter can be used to show that you are in financial good standing. But how do you get one from Nedbank?

Steps to get a Nedbank confirmation letter

The following is how to get a confirmation letter from Nedbank;

  1. Log into the Nedbank Money App on your phone.
  2. Choose the account for which you need a confirmation letter.
  3. Swipe to Features.
  4. Choose Share Account Information
  5. Choose the option to share proof of account via email.
  6. Enter your own email or that of the person to whom you wish to send the confirmation letter.

Alternative ways of getting Nedbank proof of account

That’s how to get an account confirmation letter from Nedbank. The process is very easy if you use the Money App. But what if you are unable to get proof of account this way? Are there alternatives?

The good news is that you can also get Nedbank proof of account using online banking. The steps are more or less similar to the ones outlined above. You need to sign into your account, choose the account for which you are looking for a confirmation letter, choose Share account information and choose Share proof of account via email.

Another option is for you to visit your nearest Nedbank branch. They will be able to provide you with a bank confirmation letter.

Why do I need the Nedbank proof of account?

We showed you in the above sections how you can get proof of account for your Nedbank account. But why would you need this?

It’s something that we have already discussed. Most people need proof of account when getting refunds. Some companies demand it so money gets send to the right person.

At times, you may also need proof of account when doing business with others. Again, this is needed to confirm that you are the owner of an account in question and that you are in good financial standing.

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In this article, we showed you how to get a confirmation letter from Nedbank in South Africa. We also highlighted a couple of instances where you may need an account ownership confirmation letter. With Nedbank, you can get this letter from the Money app or from online banking.

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