How Much Does Nedbank Charge for Cash Deposit?

How much does Nedbank charge for cash deposit? With 7.5 million retail customers, Nedbank South Africa is one of the biggest financial institutions in the country. As is the case with every other bank, Nedbank customers get charged when they make cash deposits. But how much exactly are you expected to pay. And is the charge the same when you make the deposit inside a branch or at an ATM?

Nedbank Cash Deposit Fees

The following are the Nedbank charges when you make a cash deposit;

Deposit locationCash deposit fee
Inside a branchR7,50 plus R1,80 per R100
At a Nedbank ATMR7,50 plus R1,80 per R100
At a Nedbank Intelligent Depositor ATMR3,75 plus R0,90 per R100 or part thereof

Nedbank charges comparatively more for deposits

That’s the answer to the question how much does Nedbank charge for a cash deposit. You will notice that you are charged the same when you deposit at an ATM and inside a branch.

Deposits are cheaper when they are made at a Nedbank Intelligent Depositor ATM. These ATMs are great because the money that you deposit immediately reflects in the receiving account.

One thing to note, based on the above, it that it costs more to deposit money with Nedbank than with other banks. If you compare with Capitec, as an example, you will see that Nedbank deposits are more expensive.

Finding a branch near you

If you need to deposit money into a Nedbank account, you will need to find a branch near you. The good news is that the bank has hundreds of branches all over South Africa.

You can find the one nearest to you by visiting their branch locator website. Once you have gotten there, it should be easy for you to make your deposit.

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This article was dedicated to answer the question how much does Nedbank charge for a cash deposit. It was noted that the charge is mostly the same, whether you deposit instore or at an AMT. The only different comes when you make your deposit at an Intelligent Depositor ATM. In that case, you will be charged less.

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