Online Stores that Accept Pay on Delivery

What are the online stores that accept pay on delivery. Usually when you buy something online in South Africa, you are required to make your payment there and then using the provided payment methods. However, this is not always an option for all people. Maybe you do not have a card that works online. Or maybe you do not feel that using your credit or debit card online is secure. The goods news is that there are some online stores in the country that accept payment upon delivery.

Stores that accept payment on delivery

The following are some of the online stores in South Africa that accept pay on delivery;

  • Takealot
  • ITnerAfricashop
  • Shein

Why use this method?

Those are some of the online stores that accept pay on delivery in South Africa. Of these, the biggest is Takealot. The thing to note about Takealot is that Cash on Delivery (COD) is not available on all products. The service is available for a select number of items.

But why would you choose this option in the first place. We have already highlighted some of the reasons for going down this route. Some people do it because they do not have cards that can be used online.

Other people do it for security reasons. South Africans are particularly frightened by the prospect of having their banking details stolen online. It can happen, though security has become tight these days. But the perception is still there.

Some people prefer to make their payments as cash as a result. In any case, one possible disadvantage of cash on delivery is that you will need to be home when the things that you have bought are delivered.

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In this post, we outlined some of the online stores that accept pay on delivery in South Africa. It was noted that there are a few companies that accept this mode of payment. Cash on delivery is convenient since it allows you to make your payments later when the items that you have bought are delivered to your home.

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