Medihelp Pregnancy Waiting Period

What is the Medihelp pregnancy waiting period? Will you get cover if you join after you have already gotten pregnant? It’s something that you may be wondering about. Medihelp is one of the biggest medical aid companies in South Africa. Like all the other companies, they have a waiting period before which you cannot claim. There is a general waiting period, and then there is another waiting period for special conditions such as pregnancy.

Medihelp maternity waiting period

The Medihelp pregnancy waiting period at least 9 months. What it means is that they will not cover a pregnancy that is pre-existing at the time of joining. However, they will cover your child under Prescribed Minimum Benefits (PMB) requirements.

You should join early

That’s the Medihelp pregnancy waiting period. The company will not cover an existing pregnancy. Therefore, it’s important for you to join early if you plan on starting a family.

But why is the pregnancy waiting period longer than the general waiting period? The reason for this is that pregnancy can be a costly affair. As an example, a C-section can cost around R35000.

A natural birth can cost R21000 at a private hospital in South Africa. Should complications arise, costs can balloon to as much as R1 million. That’s if you stay in hospital for long periods. It’s the reason why there are waiting periods on pregnancy.

Should people be allowed to join today and get benefits tomorrow, then the entire structure of medical aid would collapse. Waiting periods are there to protect people from fraud. Otherwise, someone pregnant would join today, before leaving as soon as they have given birth.

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In this article, we showed you the Medihelp pregnancy waiting period. We noted that the maternity waiting period is longer than the general waiting period. As such, this is something that you need to keep in mind when planning to start a family.

The longer waiting period is because pregnancy can be costly. Should you be hospitalized, these costs can rise to R1 million. As such, the waiting period is there to protect both consumers and medical aid companies.

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