How to Claim Hollard Funeral Cover

Are you trying to find out how to claim Hollard funeral cover? If yes, we will start by staying; our condolences. Death is a path through which we all must pass at the end of the day. Hollard is a popular insurance company among South Africans. They offer many types of insurance, including car, home and funeral cover. They also provide travel insurance, life cover and many other products. You are here because you have signed up for their funeral cover and now, unfortunately, it’s time for your to claim. How do you do it?

Steps to claim Hollard funeral insurance

The following is how to claim Hollard funeral insurance;

  1. Fill out the Funeral claim form.
  2. Submit your claim to Hollard on their email Include all the relevant information as outlined below.
  3. You can also reach out to 0860 333 118 to get help.
  4. If you are an Edgars Funeral customer, you can send your claim via email to
  5. Edgars Funeral customers can also call 086 011 1343 for help.

What do you need when lodging your claim?

That’s how to claim Hollard funeral cover. You need to send your claim to the email addresses given above. But what should you include in your claim? The following are some of the things that need to be included in any claim;

  • Your banking details.
  • Funeral parlour details
  • Policy number
  • National ID
  • Notice of death form.

Who can claim?

So far in this post, we showed you how to claim Hollard funeral cover. But who is it that can lodge a claim? You can only submit a claim if you are a beneficiary.

Next of kin can also submit claims. These include the deceased’s children, parents, spouse and other relevant people.

How to submit a claim to Bonitas


This post was dedicated to showing you how to claim Hollard funeral cover. We noted that Hollard is one of the most established insurance companies in South Africa. They offer a wide range of products, including their funeral cover. We also showed you what you need to make your claim fast and successful.

How long does Hollard take to pay out?

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