How to Send eWallet From ATM

Do you wish to learn how to send an eWallet from an FNB ATM? Is it possible to do so without a bank card? eWallet is one of the most popular ways of transfering money in South Africa. It allows FNB customers to send money to anyone who has a phone. All that is needed for the transaction to take place is the phone number of the recipient. You can send eWallet from your phone or from an ATM. When using the ATM, it’s possible do send eWallet even if you do not have a bank card.

Steps to send eWallet from an ATM

The following is how to send eWallet from an ATM without a bank card;

  1. Go to an FNB ATM and insert your card.
  2. Go to More Options.
  3. Choose Send or Receive Money.
  4. Choose the Send Money to eWallet option.
  5. Type in your date of birth.
  6. Click on Proceed.
  7. Enter your phone number and click on Proceed.
  8. Type in the amount that you wish to send.
  9. Confirm your details.

Can you do it without a card?

That’s how to send eWallet from an FNB ATM. A lot of people wonder whether or not it’s possible to send the money without a card? At the moment you need to have the card in order to send money from an FNB ATM.

There are other options, however, that do not require a card. You can send eWallet money from your phone using the FNB app. It’s also possible to send money by logging into the Online Banking portal.

Another option is use USSD. With this option, you will be accessing eWallet by dialing *120*321#. From there, you can send money to anyone in South Africa that has a phone number.

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In this article, we showed you how to send eWallet from an ATM. It was noted that you need to have your card in order to send money from an ATM.

However, there are other options for those looking to send money. These options do not require a bank card. You can send eWallet using the FNB app or via online banking.

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