How to Buy Airtime with eWallet

Do you wish to learn how to buy airtime with FNB eWallet? eWallet is a money transfer service that South Africans can use to send money to others who may not be FNB customers. Money is transferred using a person’s phone number. They can collect the money from FNB ATMs and from retailers. But is it possible to use your eWallet for airtime? We show you how to do this in this short article.

Steps to buy airtime and data using FNB eWallet

The following is how to buy airtime with FNB eWallet;

  1. Dial *130*277# to buy airtime suing FNB eWallet.
  2. You can also dial *120*277# to make your purchase. Go to Prepaid and then choose the option to buy airtime. Enter the amount of airtime that you wish to buy and take the next steps to complete the transaction.

Why use FNB eWallet?

That’s how to buy airtime using eWallet. It’s very easy to do from your phone by taking the steps that were outlined above. You can also use the FNB app to make your purchase using your eBucks.

FNB eWallet is one of the most important money transfer services in South Africa. The country has, in general, lagged behind other African nations when it comes to mobile money.

If you take the example of Kenya, they have M-Pesa. In Zimbabwe, there is Ecocash. Virtually everyone in the country uses Ecocash to send and receive money.

In South Africa, there are now a number of services. We have peviously talked about Capitec Cash Send. Each bank in the country has it’s own product.

These products can be used to send money to anyone anywhere in the country as long as they have a phone number. That’s great in that it allows even the poorest to access banking services.


In this post we highlighted how to buy airtime with FNB eWallet. It was noted that eWallet is a popular service that allows people to send money around the country.

The great thing is that you can use the money that is in your eWallet for airtime and electricity and for other payments. You don’t always need to withdraw it as cash.

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