Does Capitec Cash Send Expire?

Does Capitec Send Cash expire? Capitec is South Africa’s biggest bank in terms of customer numbers. If you are one of the over 16 million people who use this bank, you will be happy to know that you can easily send money to friends and family around South Africa. That money is then collected from Capitec ATMs and banking halls, as well as from Checkers, Builders, Game,Usave, Game, Makro and many more stores. But what happens in the even that the person to whom you have sent money does not collect it? Will the money expire?

When does capitec cash send expire?

When you send money to someone using Capitec cash send, the recipient has 30 days within which to collect it. If they do not do so within that timeframe, the money will be returned to your account.

What to do in the event that the receipient is unable to collect the money

That’s the answer to the question does Capitec send cash expire? We noted that money that is send using Capitec expires after 30 days. But what can you do in the event that you have discovered that the person to who you send money is unable to collect it?

  • You can wait 30 days for money that is not collected to automatically be returned to your account. However, that’s usually not the best option for most people.
  • Another option is for you to collect the money yourself. Remember all that is needed for someone to collect money send via Capitec Send Cash is the reference number and the cash collection PIN. With these, it will be easy for you to collect the money yourself.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to Capitec on 0860102043 to get them to effect a reversal.

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In this article we answer the question does Capitec cash send expire? We noted that money that is send across South Africa using this facility expires after one month. After that, it will be returned to the sender.

The great thing about Capitec send cash is that it allows people to send money to anyone in South Africa. All that they need in order to get it the PIN number and reference number.

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