How to Buy 1Voucher Using FNB eWallet

Do you wish to learn how to buy 1Voucher using your FNB eWallet? That’s something that a lot of people looking to carry out online transactions have been asking about. 1Voucher allows you to transact online safely. It replaces your bank card when making online purchases. You can use it at a wide range of retailers, including at shops such as Russels, HifiCorp and Incredible. It means you won’t need to use your bank card when when carrying out digital transactions. That’s important in an age where thieves are always on the prowl for unsecured banking details. But how do you get 1Voucher using the FNB eWallet?

Steps to buy 1Voucher using FNB eBucks

The following is how to buy 1Voucher using your FNB eWallet;

  1. Log into the FNB app.
  2. Click on Buy.
  3. Choose Vouchers
  4. Select Online.
  5. Choose the Voucher that you wish to buy.
  6. Choose to pay using eBucks.
  7. Enter an email address.
  8. Confirm your details.

Why it’s important to buy 1Voucher

That’s how to buy 1Voucher using your FNB eWallet. The process is easy enough. You should be done in a few moment. But why would you buy 1 Voucher?

It’s something that we have already noted. You need to buy 1Voucher for safety reasons. It’s risky to transact online using your bank details.

That’s why it’s important to buy a voucher that you can use for betting and for other online payments. That insulates you against theft.

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In this article, we showed you how to buy 1 Voucher using your FNB eWallet. The FNB eWallet is a great money transfer service that South Africans across the country use.

The great thing about the service is that your receipents do not need to have FNB accounts. Money is sent to their phone number and they can collect from an FNB ATM.

You can also use money in your eWallet to make purchases. We have previously highlighted how to buy electricity using the money that’s in the eWallet. So, it’s not just about buying 1Voucher. You can buy a lot more things with the money.


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