How to Buy Airtime with eWallet Without Airtime

Do you wish to learn how to buy Airtime with eWallet without airtime? You are here because you have money that is in your eWallet, but you don’t have airtime in your phone. How can you use the money in your eWallet to buy airtime? There are a couple of options here. The FNB eWallet service allows people in South Africa to send and receive money in any part of the country. The people receiving the money do not have to be FNB customers.

Steps to buy airtime with eWallet if you do not have airtime in your phone

The following is how to buy airtime with eWallet without airtime;

  1. If you have data in your phone, you can buy airtime via the FNB app using the money that is in your eWallet. To do so, open the FNB app and click on eWallet. Next, go to Buy Prepaid. From there, choose Prepaid Airtime and Bundles. Choose your network and type in your phone number. Go to Purchase and then click on Confirm.
  2. Another option is to use USSD to buy your airtime using your FNB eWallet. To do so, dial  *120*277# and go to Prepaid. Choose the option to buy Airtime. Enter your number and proceed to the next step.

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In this article, we showed you how to buy airtime with eWallet without airtime. It was noted that a lot of people look for this option because they do not have airtime in their phones.

The goods news is that you can use the steps outlined above to buy airtime using the funds that are in your FNB eWallet. Doing so is a matter of minutes. It means you don’t always have to withdraw the money that is in your eWallet.

You can use it for other things, such as buying data and airtime and buying electricity. That’s something that we have previously outlined.

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