How to Change Phone Number on Tyme Bank Account

Are you looking for information on how to change the phone number on your Tyme Bank account? It’s something that you may find yourself having to do if you have decided to move to a new phone number. TymeBank is South Africa’s virtual bank. They don’t have branches, though they do have kiosks dotted around the country. The lack of branches makes some things challenging. Some people prefer to walk into one to get help. So, what do you do to change your number?

Steps to change your TymeBank account number

The following is how to change the phone number on your Tyme Bank account;

  1. Visit the Tyme Bank kiosk at your nearest Pick n Pay or Boxer store.
  2. Once there, go to My Profile.
  3. Next, go to My Details.
  4. You can now change your number.

Is there another way?

That’s how to change the phone number on your Tyme Bank account. But are there other ways through which to change your number?

We reached out to TymeBank and they told us that you can also change your number by calling 0860 999 119. You will be asked some security questions to verify ownership of your account. Once that is done, they will change your number for you.

Can I change my number on the Tyme Bank app or through online banking?

We noted above that it can be done by visiting your nearest kiosk or over the phone. Unfortunately, you cannot do it on the bank’s app. Neither can it be done through online banking.

The reason for this is security. You will need to log in using your fingerprints to change your number. Remember our phone numbers are now intimately tied to our bank accounts. Today, most people access their banks over the phone or over the internet.

It’s important, therefore, that the details within your account remain secure. Otherwise people are going to have issues. It’s the reason why you can only change your number at a kiosk or over the phone.

With the phone options, we noted that you need to verify ownership of the account by answering security questions. So, that’s fairly secure.

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In this article, we showed you how to change the phone number on your Tyme Bank account. It was noted that it can only be done at a kiosk, where you are required to verify your identity using your fingerprint. That makes the process secure, which is important considering how our phones are tied to our bank accounts.

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  1. I want too change my cell number they stole my phone but my tyme bank app was not on my phone. But i want too put my new number on please help

          1. Good day. Please take the steps outlined here to change your number. You can do so either at a kiosk or by calling the number that we gave in the article

    1. Please assist with changing it my cell no where I’m staying no one at pick and pay to assist at kiosk and no boxer

    2. You have to go to your nearest pick n pay/boxer stores kiosk they’ll help you even me i was having a problem like yours

      1. I want to change my number but if i call tyme they say i have to go to kiose the problem is that im in jail, is there other way i can get help

  2. Can’t change my phone nu at the kiosk… Keeps on telling me use another kiosk or come back later…. VERY inconvenient.

    1. Please read through the article. Follow the steps outlined in there. If you are not near a kiosk, call on the provided number and they will help you

  3. Tyme bank kiosk keeps showing me a error message when trying to change my number. I need a new card asap cant change my phone number. Send the otp yo the old number thst was stolen. Whay must i do now????? /

  4. At kiosk it keeps showing me error messages when i try to change my number. I need a new card asap. Keep sending otp to my old number that was stolen. What must i do now???

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