Maximum Withdrawal from Tyme Bank ATM

What is the maximum withdrawal amount from a Tyme Bank ATM? It’s something that you may be wondering about if you are a TymeBank customer. South Africa’s digital only bank has been growing over the past few years, buoyed by lower service charges and higher interest rates. You are here because you are a customer and you wish to withdraw money from an ATM. How much are you charged when you do this?

How much can I withdraw form a Tyme Bank ATM

The maximum withdrawal limit from a Tyme Bank is R5000. This applies whether you are withdrawing money from an ATM or from a till point.

Increasing your limit

That’s the maximum withdrawal amount from a Tyme Bank ATM. This limit is usually the same whatever your bank in South Africa. But is there something that you can do to increase your limits?

The good news is that you can increase your limits on the Tymebank. Read the provided article to learn more.

Also note that it’s cheaper to withdraw money from a retail outlet than from an ATM. A lot of people in South Africa are not aware of this.

Transact other ways rather than using cash

Now you know the maximum withdrawal from a Tyme Bank ATM. But what if you wish to make bigger transactions. Well, South Africa being South Africa, you don’t really need to transact in cash.

Otherwise you will be doing yourself a disservice. Running around with cash is not very healthy for you. The good news is that you can transact in other ways. You can send money out via EFT. You can also swipe. That way, you won’t have to withdraw lots of money as cash.


This article was dedicated to showing you the maximum withdrawal amount from a Tyme Bank ATM. We noted in this post that Tyme Bank is South Africa’s digital only outlet.

They don’t have physical outlets. They do have kiosks and ATMs dotted around the country. This post showed you the amount that you can withdraw per day from any one of these kiosks or from a retail outlet.

Learn how to stop a Tyme Bank card

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