Capitec to Tymebank Transfer Time

What is the Capitec to Tymebank Transfer time? How long does it take for money that is sent from Capitec to reflect in another person’s Capitec account? That’s important information for those looking to make money transfers between the two banks. There are other options that can be used to transfer money at a quicker pace. You need to be aware of these so you can choose a method that’s appropirate to you.

How long does it take to transfer money from Capitec to Tymebank

The Capitec to Tymebank transfer time is between 2 and 3 working days. You need to wait that long before money that is send from Capitec to reflect in your Tymebank account. Transfer times can be shorter than this, but in general, those are the times that you should expect to wait before you transfer goes through.

What to do to have your money transferred faster?

That’s the Capitec to Tymebank transfer time. You need to wait up to three days for your money to go through. Note that we are talking about working hours here. Public holidays and weekends do not count.

So, if you make your transfer from Capitec on Friday, you will have to wait till about Wednesday for it to reflect in the other account. But what can you do to transfer the money quicker?

The good news is that you have another option that allows you have another option that you can use to quickly transfer money from Capitec to Tymebank.

We have previously written on how to make an immediate transfer at Capitec. This method allows you to send money to people on Tymebank almost instantly.


In this article, we answered the question what is the Capitec to Tymebank transfer time? How much time is does it take for money that is transferred from Capitec to reflect on Tymebank.

We noted that it can take up to 3 days for money to be reflected. However, you have the option of making an immediate transfer.

With this method, money will reflect in the receiving account within a short space of time. Here is how to get a statement from the Capitec app.


  1. Why does eft time between capitec to tyme bank vary? My boss did eft yesterday,it showed in my tyme 45min later,was not an immediate eft,yet 08h27 this morning she again did eft to my tyme and still nothing and it’s 13h47??

    1. Monet was transferred this morning from capitec to tyme Bank with.immediate payment am still waiting for.the monet to reflect,I have done inquiries on tyme bank they keep on sending the message that agent will call but nothing am frustrated.i until my artym finish no luck.

    2. I also done an immediate payment from capitec to Tymebank about 2 hours ago today, still hasn’t reflected. It’s frustrating cause it would normally reflect immediately, I don’t understand why not this time around.

      1. Hopefully the money has arrived by now. With all banks immediate payments are not really immediate. You get your money after a couple of hours

        1. I sent myself money from my capitec account to my TymeBank account on Friday around 15:00 for something serious, today it’s Sunday and the money is yet to reflect. 😏 I feel so numb I wish I could just cancel the whole eft nonsense once

  2. I have send money from my Capitec account to my Tymebank account on Saturday evening even now I haven’t received my money.How long my I wait for it to reflect on my phone?

  3. I have send money from my Capitec account to my Tymebank account on Saturday evening even now I haven’t received my money.How long my I wait for it to reflect on my phone?

      1. Hello admin I did and immediate payement yesterday around 19:30 from capitec to tyme bank the client has not received the money yet is this usual with tyme bank how long must I wait for the .funds to reflect

  4. I just transfer money from capitec to tym Bank with immediate payment but it has not reflected, since I’ve transfered 2 hours ago

  5. Can i call the bank and reverse my money even if it was to be transferred between two accounts during the weekend?

    1. If it was sent using normal transfers, it can take up to 3 days. So, you may need to be patient. Usually it arrives earlier than that, but banks say you need to account for up to 3 days before you can start panicking.

  6. I sent money from Capitec to time bank immediate payment and it has reflected on my account and it’s been a while now

  7. I did an emmediate payment from capitec to tyme till now it hasn’t reflected I’m really disappointed cz I expected emmediate to be emmediate, I don’t even know what going on

        1. If you send money on Saturday or Sunday as an example, you may need to count from Monday. So, the money will arrive by Wednesday. Sometimes it will arrive on Monday though, but usually its Tuesday and Wednesday

          1. I’ve sent somenan hour ago so it’s not reflecting does public affect the payment

  8. I have send money to someone in tymebank account partnered wuth tfg and it has not reflected

    1. Was it an immediate payment. If yes, then it can take a couple of hours. If it was a normal payment, it will arrive two days from now

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