How Much is Instant Payment at Capitec?

How much is instant payment at Capitec? It’s something that a lot of Capitec customers will be wondering about. You are here because you wish to make a payment and you wish to have the money transferred quickly. Usually, you will have to wait some hours or even days for the payment to be reflected in the other person’s account. With instant payment, you get a minimal waiting period when transferring money from your Capitec account.

How much are Capitec immediate payments?

Instant payments at Capitec are charged R7.50 per transaction. For that, you will be able to make payments of up to R100000. That should be enough for almost all situations.

How to make an instant payment at Capitec

That’s the answer to the question, how much is instant payment at Capitec. You will notice that Capitec is actually very cheap in this regard. Other banks charge way more for immediate payments. Check out our article on how much is Nedbank instant payment. You will see that the charges are way more than those at Capitec. The following is how to make an immediate payment at Capitec;

  1. Open the Capitec app.
  2. Go to Transact and then Payments.
  3. Select a beneficiary.
  4. Click on Pay.
  5. Enter all the required details.
  6. Choose on immediate payment.
  7. Enter your remote PIN to confirm the payment.

How soon will the recipient get their money

In this article, we showed you the answer to the question how much is an instant payment at Capitec. We also showed you how to make an immediate payment. But how soon will the recipient get their money?

With most banks in South Africa, immediate payments can take up to 30 minutes to be processed. So, that’s something that you will need to keep in mind. The payment can be instant, but it can also take a few minutes.

Why make an instant payment?

There could be several reasons why you are here looking for answers on how much is an immediate payment at Capitec. But why would you make such a payment. Usually, payments are not processed the moment you complete them. That may not be ideal. Let’s say you wish to buy something from someone. It pays to have the payment processed there and then.

Here are the requirements for making Capitec business accounts

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