How to Activate Tap to Pay on an FNB Card

Do you wish to learn how to activate tap to pay on an FNB card? FNB offers contactless cards that allow people to pay by simply tapping the card onto a POS machine without the need to type in a PIN. This option is available for small amounts. It removes the need to constantly have to type in your PIN code each time that you carry out a transaction. But how to do you activate Contactless payments on an FNB card?

How to Activate Contactless Payments on an FNB card

The following is how to activate tap to pay on an FNB card;

  1. You need to have Contactless card to be able to use this feature. Newer FNB cards come with this feature. If your card does not have tap to pay, you can get one that has the feature by cancelling your current card and ordering a new one. You can make your application through FNB Banking App or via Online Banking.
  2. Once you have gotten a Contactless enabled card, you can use the card by tapping it onto a terminal that approves this type of transaction. Look for a card machine that has a contactless symbol. It’s similar to a WiFi symbol.

Are contactless payments secure?

That’s how to activate tap and pay on an FNB card. We noted above that you need to have a card that is Contactless Payments enabled. All new FNB cards come with this feature.

But is it safe to use this feature. It would seem counterproductive to enable payments without having to enter a PIN. Doesn’t it mean a thief can then buy stuff without having to worry about having your PIN?

The good news is that tap and pay is meant to be used only for small transactions. Let’s say you wish to pay toll fees at a tollgate. It would make sense to simply tap your card without having to enter your PIN to enable you to quickly make your payments.

The same applies for other smaller transactions. This service is meant to make life easy by enabling quick transactions. For larger amounts, you will still need to enter your PIN.

There are also other layers of security that we have previously talked about. You can have SMS notifications on your FNB account, as an example. These are important in that they inform you each time a transaction happens on your account. You will then be able to tell if unauthorized transactions are happening.


In this article, we showed you how to activate tap to pay on an FNB card. This feature does not need activation. All that you need is to get a card that has the facility. Check on your card to see if it has the Contactless icon which is similar to a WiFi icon.

If yes, then you can tap and pay on machines that display this feature. If your card does not have this feature, you can apply for a new card. All new FNB cards come with the contactless feature.

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