Standard Bank EAP Limit for Instant Money

What is the Standard Bank EAP limit for Instant Money? It’s a question that people who use Instant Money have been asking. Standard Bank Instant Money is one of the most popular ways through which South Africans can transfer money from one person to the other. The good news is that you don’t need a bank account to receive money this way. All that you need is a bank account. Users of Instant Money can create Wallets from which to send money to others.

Instant money withdrawal limits

The Standard Bank EAP limit for Instant money is R5 000 per day and R25 000 per month. This money can be withdrawn from any one of the many retailers with which Standard Bank has partnered. You can also get your money from a Standard Bank ATM.

Where can you make your withdrawals?

We have previously given you a list of the places where you can withdraw your Standard Bank Instant Money. There are many such places, including popular retail stores such as Game and Checkers.

Here is a full list of the Standard Bank Instant Money partners. These places enable you to get money that is in your wallet whenever needed.

They also enable you to withdraw Instant Money that someone has send to you. To make a withdrawal, you need to have the 10 digit voucher along with your withdrawal PIN.

In any case, getting your money should be easy, but you are limited by the EAP as to the amount of money that you can withdraw or use to buy per month. These limits are mainly for security reasons.


In this article, we gave you the Standard Bank EAP limit for Instant Money. EAP stands for Electronic Account Payment. In this case, your Instant Money wallet is the electronic account.

The EAP limit represents the total amount in transactions that you can carry out from your account per month. Limits are placed for a number of reasons. But they can be increased or reduced in different ways.

Here is how to activate a Standard Bank ATM card

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