How to Activate Standard Bank SIM Card

Are you looking for information on how to activate your Standard Bank SIM card? Standard Bank, South Africa’s biggest bank, offers a mobile service to its customers. Not only do they get SIM cards, but they also get access to the Standard Bank Mobile Store where they can buy phones, laptops and other gadgets on credit. The bank offers up to 24 months as payment terms. You are here because you bought a Standard Bank Mobile SIM card, or you got one when you a from the bank. So, how do you activate the SIM?

Standard Bank SIM card activation process

The following is how to activate your Standard Bank SIM card;

  1. Go to the Standard Bank website and click on Activate SIM. You will be asked to provide your SIM card number and your South African ID number. The SIM Card number can be found on the SIM card.
  2. Another option is to dial 135 using your Standard Bank number to have your SIM activated by a customer services agent.
  3. You can also call 0801 212 577 or 031 819 5321 from any other phone to get your SIM activated.
  4. Alternatively, send an email to They will help you activate your SIM.
  5. You can also reach out to Standard Bank on their social media handles to get them to activate your SIM. They are available on Facebook, Twitter and on other platforms.

Why move over to Standard Bank mobile?

That’s how to activate your Standard Bank SIM card. But why would you move over to Standard Bank mobile? There are a number of reason for doing this?

One thing to note is that Standard Bank does not actually operate a mobile network. They don’t have the infrastructure to do so. They are what is referred to as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO).

So, which network does Standard Bank Mobile uses? Like all the other bank MVNOs, Standard Bank currently uses the Cell C network. They also use MTN. Other banks that operate mobile networks are Capitec and FNB. The following are some of the benefits of moving over to Standard Bank Mobile;

  • Standard Bank reimburses you all your banking fees in the form of data or airtime.
  • You earn data as you use your Standard Bank credit card. At the moment, that’s 1MB for every R20 that you spend.
  • Standard Bank Mobile also offers discounts to customers who buy from the bank’s store.
  • UCount Rewards points for those who have registered.

Here is the Standard Bank call centre number


That’s how to activate your Standard Bank SIM card. We noted in this article that Standard Bank Mobile rides on the Cell C and MTN network. It means its offering is as good as those two providers. The reason why you may wish to move to Standard Bank mobile is to benefit from the many offers and rewards that customers get.

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