How to Activate Tap to Pay Capitec

Do you wish to learn how to activate tap to pay on your Capitec bank card? It’s something that you will want to do if you wish to avoid having to enter your PIN each time you carry out a small transaction. Most banks in South Africa offer cards that have this feature. You are here because you wish to Capitec contactless payments for your shopping convenience. How do you do it?

Steps to activate Capitec Tap to Pay

The following is how to activate tap to pay on Capitec;

  • You can activate Capitec tap to pay at any of the bank branches. Simply walk in and ask them to do the activation on your behalf.
  • Alternatively, you can activate the contactless feature using the Capitec app. Once you have activated the feature via the app, you will need to insert your card into a swipe machine or into an ATM. Your PIN one last time and after this, the contactless feature will be active.

What are the limits?

That’s how to activate tap to pay on your Capitec bank card. We have already noted that this feature is intended to give you convenience. It can be time consuming to enter your PIN every time that you carry out a transaction.

However, for security reasons, there is a limit to the amount of money that you can use this way. At the moment, you cannot carry out transactions over R500 per day via tap to pay. If you wish to carry out a transaction that is above this figure, you will be asked to enter you PIN.

Potential vulnerabilities

In this article, we showed you how to activate tap to pay on a Capitec bank card. The feature is good, but there may be vulnerabilities.

For one thing, if you lose your card, someone will be able to use your card to make payments. They may buy stuff using your card.

You do have protection in that the loss will likely be to the tune of the daily limit, but R500 is still a lot of money for most people.

So, that’s something to keep in mind. Tap to pay is convenient, but it can mean your money will be vulnerable.

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In this post, we highlighted how to activate tap to pay on Capitec. It was noted that this feature is good because it allow you to make payments without having to type in your PIN. That’s rather convenient when making small payments. There is a daily limit to the amount of money that’s allowed when doing contactless payments. That’s meant to protect you.

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