How Much Does Capitec Charge for Cash Deposits?

Over the past few years, Capitec has grown to become the biggest bank in South Africa when it comes to customer number. Today, they have over 21 million customers. That’s way ahead of Standard Bank, which is actually the biggest bank in the country when in comes to market capitalization. You are here because you are a Capitec customer and you are interested in learning about the Capitec charge for cash deposits.

Capitec charges when depositing cash

The following are the Capitec charges for cash deposits;

Type of CashFee when making a deposit
Repaying a loan using cashFREE
Deposits at ATMsR1.40 per R100.00
Depositing cash at a branchR4.00 per R100.00
Coins at a branch or at a machineR15.00 per R100.00


The above table shows how much you can expect to pay when you deposit cash at Capitec. You will notice that there are different circumstances when it comes to the issue.

Perhaps you wish to deposit cash or maybe you wish to deposit coins. The amount that you are charged when making such a deposit will be different.

The amount that you are depositing also has a bearing on what you will ultimately end up paying. Another thing to note is that it’s cheaper to deposit money at an ATM than at a branch.

That’s because the cost of employing the teller is factored in when it comes to depositing at a branch. Meanwhile, when you do it yourself at an ATM or at a coin machine, you won’t have to use any human resources.

Also note that coins are more expensive to deposit than paper cash. That’s probably because coins are more difficult to manage.

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In this post, we showed the Capitec charge for cash deposits. It was noted that the amount depends on a number of factors. They include where you are depositing and how much you are depositing.

Coins are also charged more than cash for those looking to deposit them. It was also discovered that it’s cheaper to make a deposit at an ATM than inside one of the Capitec bank branches.

Steps to deposit cash at a Capitec ATM

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