How to Redeem TymeBank Send Money Voucher

TymeBank is a unique bank in South Africa in that it is a digital only bank. If you go around the country, you won’t find any of the bank’s branches. So, how do people transact? Tyme Bank customers have a wide range of means through which to transact and get help. One of the services that people have access to is the bank’s SendMoney. This allows TymeBank customers to send money to anyone in South Africa who has a phone number. You are here because somebody has send you money this way and you are wondering how to collect it. Here is how to redeem a TymeBank Send Money voucher.

How to collect TymeBank SendMoney

The following is how to redeem a TymeBank Send Money voucher;

  1. When someone sends you money, you will receive an SMS containing a voucher number. The Voucher has 10 digits.
  2. Take the voucher to a nearby  PnP, Boxer and TFG Store
  3. You will be able to collect your cash

Can I redeem the voucher at an ATM?

TymeBank’s SendMoney is but one of the many mobile money services that are available in South Africa. That’s great news. It means anyone, including people who do not have bank accounts, can receive money.

With the other money transfer services such as Standard Bank’s Instant Money and Absa’s Send Cash, you can withdraw at an ATM. Is that possible with TymeBank?

That depends on whether or not the person receiving the money is a TymeBank customer. If you already have an account with the bank, the money that i send to you will be deposited into your TymeBank EveryDay account.

In that case, you will be able to withdraw it from an ATM using your card. But what happens if a person does not have a bank account? Does it mean they cannot withdraw from an ATM. The answer is no, they cannot withdraw from an ATM. They can only withdraw from one of the TymeBank SendMoney collection agents.

How long do I have to collect my money?

Now you know the steps for getting your money. It’s all very simple and it’s not something that you need to be worried about. The entire thing about mobile money is that it can be collected from many outlets, save for Absa, which only allows collection from ATMs.

You may be wondering how long you have before the voucher expires. It’s something that we have covered in our how long does the TymeBank SendMoney voucher last article.

Rounding up

In this article we answered the question, how to redeem a TymeBank Send Money voucher. It was noted that all that you need is to take the 10 digit voucher that you receive via SMS to any of the stores that have partnered with Tyme Bank and you will be able to collect your cash.

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