Where to Collect TymeBank Send Money

Are you wondering where to collect Tymebank Send Money? You are here because somebody has send you money this way. Send Money from Tymebank is among the many mobile money transfer options that are open to South Africans. It allows people who bank with the bank to send money to anyone in the country who has a phone number. That makes the banking sector accessible, even in remote parts of the country. You don’t need to have a bank account to receive money. Your phone number becomes your account. So, where can I withdraw Tymebank Cash Send?

Where can I withdraw Tymebank Cash Send

The following is where to collect Tymebank Send Money;

  • Pick n Pay
  • Boxer
  • Tymebank ATMs (if you are a Tymebank account holder)

What do I need when collecting my money

That’s the answer for those wondering where to collect Tymebank Send Money. But what do you need when collecting your money?

We have a previous article in which we answered the question on whether or not a PIN is required when collecting Tyme Send Money.

It was noted that you need to have a voucher. This is the one thing that you will need to get your money. The voucher as 10 digits.


This article was dedicated to showing you where to collect your Tymebank Send Money. It was noted that this service is very useful. It allows unbanked South Africans to receive money without having to worry about opening bank accounts.

When you receive money via Tymebank Cash Send, you have a couple of options when it comes to collecting it. You can get your money at a Tyme Bank ATM if you bank with this bank. You can also get your money from any one of the thousands of Boxer and Pick n Pay stores that are spread across the country.

How to deposit money into Tymebank

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