Aliexpress Shipping Time to South Africa

What is the AliExpress shipping time to South Africa? It’s a question that you will be asking if you wish to buy something off the platform. AliExpress is a Chinese online retailer. It’s one of the online retailers that ship to South Africa. You can buy all manner of goods off AliExpress. But how long does it take for whatever it is that you have bought to get delivered to the country?

How long for Aliexpress to ship to South Africa

The AliExpress shipping time to South Africa is between 9 and 59 days. The time is determined by your chosen shipping method. If you choose standard shipping, you will have to wait longer for your goods to arrive in the country. DHL offers the fastest shipping times to South Africa from China. However, you will need to pay more. The table below shows the shipping times depending on your chosen shipping method;

CarrierCost (USD)Estimated delivery time
China Post Ordinary Small PacketsFree42-59 days
AliExpress Standard Shipping$3.5837-57 days
EMS$4620-27 days
DHL$1429-22 days

How can I get faster shipping?

That’s the Aliexpress shipping time to South Africa. Note that the above table is based on an example of shipping a small parcel. The price will be different depending on the size of the item that you are getting shipped.

So, what can you do if you need to get your parcel earlier. Most people are not patient enough to wait 2 months before getting whatever it is that they would have bought. The good news is that you can expedite shipping by choosing a faster carrier.

An example is DHL. However, the downside is that faster shipping translates into higher shipping costs. You can see what we mean in the above table. With DHL you could end up paying $142 when shipping to South Africa for an item that would otherwise been shipped for free.

But free shipping has a huge downside. You will need to wait longer to get your goods delivered. In most instances, free shipping does not have tracking. That’s bad because you won’t know where you parcel is at any given point in time.

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What is the Aliexpress shipping time to South Africa? How long does it take for a parcel to travel from China to South Africa? Those are the questions that we sought to answer in this article. We noted that it can take up to 2 months for your items to arrive. However, if you choose the more expensive faster shipping options, you will get your goods in as little as 9 days.

Here is the UK to South Africa shipping time

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