Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send at Spar?

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at Spar? It’s a question that a number of people have been asking. Absa Cash Send is one of the best known mobile money transfer services in South Africa. The great thing about this is that you can transfer money from your bank to anyone in the country who has a South African phone number. The person to whom the money is being sent does not need to have a bank account. So, is Spart an Absa Cash Send agent?

Is Spar an Absa Cash Send agent?

No, you cannot withdraw Absa Cash Send at Spar. That’s because the only place where you can withdraw Absa Cash Send is at an Absa ATM. It’s something to keep in mind when sending money to people this way.

What other options are available?

That’s the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at Spar. You cannot do it. That rather defeats the whole point of mobile money transfers.

It means when you send money to someone using this method, they will need to travel to a nearby Absa ATM. That may not always be an option.

Let’s assume that you are sending money to your grandmother somewhere in a rural part of the country. How is she going to collect the money if it can only be done at an ATM?

The good news is that there are other options that are open when it comes to sending money to people’s phone number. As an example, you can use Capitec Cash Send. That allows withdrawals from a wide range of retail stores.

You can also use Standard Bank Instant Money. Again, there are many outlets where you can collect your money. So, that’s information that should come in handy even before you have send your money.


In this article, we answered the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at Spar. It was noted that you cannot do this. Absa Cash Send money can only be withdrawn from an ATM. If that is not an option, you will have to look at other options for sending money to your intended beneficiaries.

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