Can I Withdraw Absa Cash Send at PEP?

Can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at PEP? A lot of people have been asking that question. Cash Send is a popular money transfer service in South Africa. One of the major advantages of using this service is that you can send money to anyone in the country, regardless of whether or not they are Absa customers. The money is send to a person’s phone number. So, anyone with a phone number on any network in the country can receive money this way. The question that many ask is whether or not PEP is a Cash Send agent.

Is PEP a Cash Send Agent?

Unfortunately, Absa Cash Send money cannot be withdrawn from PEP. You can only withdraw Cash Send at an Absa ATM. You cannot do it at any other retail outlet in South Africa. That’s a major setback, considering that alternative ways of sending money allow withdrawals at multiple retail stores.

What can you do to get your money?

That’s the answer to the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send PEP. We noted in the above section that it cannot be done. Cash Send can only be withdrawn at an Absa ATM.

So, what can you do to quickly get your money? Make sure when sending or receiving money that the recipient can easily get to an Absa ATM.

Otherwise they are going to have to travel far to get their money. The good news in this regard is that Cash Send expires after 30 days. So, there is time to get the money.

Another option is to use another method of sending money. You can use MTN MoMo, as an example. With this method, there are plenty of agents where the beneficiary can get their money.

You can also use Standard Bank Instant Cash. Unlike Absa, Standard Bank, partners with retailers such as PEP and Checkers. It means there are many places where people can collect their money.

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In this article, we answered the question can I withdraw Absa Cash Send at PEP. It was noted that PEP is not one of the outlets where you can get your money. In fact, you can only withdraw Cash Send from an Absa ATM. That’s a major challenge when sending money to remote parts of the country. In that case, you may need to use another way of sending money.

Absa Cash Send Money not received

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