UK to South Africa Shipping Time

What is the UK to South Africa shipping time? You are here because you wish to buy something in the UK before sending it to South Africa. It’s something that easy to do these days. We have previously written on the online shops that ship to South Africa. Another possibility is that you are one of the many South Africans who are now working and living in the UK. In that case, you may be looking to send out items back home every now and them.

How long does it take to ship from the UK to South Africa?

The following is the UK to South Africa shipping time;

CompanyShipping time
Pack Send5 – 7 days
Fedex4 – 6 days
DHL4 -5 days
DPD4 – 6 days
UPS 4 – 5 days

Average air shipping time from the UK to South Africa

That’s the UK to South Africa shipping time. As you can see, it generally takes between 4 and 6 days for a parcel that is shipping to the country from the United Kingdom to arrive.

In this article, we are focusing on air freight. If you need to ship your parcel via sea, you will need to account for longer shipping times.

What factors determine freight time?

A lot of factors determine freight times. As you may have noted in our example, one factor is the shipping company that you have chosen. Some ship parcels faster than others.

usually each of these companies will have different tiers of shipping that are differentiated by cost. If you opt to have your item shipped faster, you will need to pay more.

You also need to account for the fact that the transit times given above are business days. If you ship your parcel off late on Friday, it may not get on the way before Monday.


In this article we gave you the UK to South Africa shipping time. It was noted that those times vary because of a number of factors. However, the average, based on the information that we have gathered, is 5 days. That’s the time that you should expect to wait between shipping your parcel and having it arrive at the destination location.

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