How to Withdraw eWallet from FNB ATM

One of the major advantages of living in the digital age is that there are so many services that people previously did not have access to. Moreover, these services have been designed to make life easy. In South Africa, one such service is mobile money transfers. Each of the banks in the country has a service that allows people to send money to phone numbers. For FNB, the service is called eWallet. You are here because you wish to learn how to withdraw eWallet from an FNB ATM.

How to withdraw money from eWallet FNB atm

The following is how to withdraw eWallet money from an FNB ATM;

  1. Dial *120*277# on your phone
  2. Choose the Get cash option
  3. A text message will be sent to your phone containing an ATM PIN
  4. Go to a nearby FNB ATM and click on Cardless Services
  5. Choose eWallet Services
  6. Enter you phone number and press Enter
  7. Type in your PIN and press Enter
  8. Choose the amount to be withdrawn. On the screen, you will see R50, R100, R500 and the Maximum which is R1000. You can also choose the Own amount option to enter a different figure.
  9. You will now receive your money.

What other options do you have for withdrawing your money?

As you can see in the above steps, it’s very easy for you to withdraw eWallet from the FNB ATM. But are there other options when it comes to getting your money?

We have a previous post in which we focused on where you can go to withdraw your FNB eWallet money. The good news is that you can get your money from a wide range of places.

Check out the article in the provided link for more. Basically, whether you are withdrawing from an ATM or from a store, you need to have the PIN.

We have previously noted that services such as eWallet are great in that they give access to banking to everyone in South Africa.

The majority of people in the country have phone number. That’s all that is needed for them to receive money via eWallet. The person getting the money does not need to have an FNB account.

Another advantage is that you can withdraw your money from a wide range of places. You can find out more in the article. The exception when it comes to mobile money transfers is Absa, where withdrawals are only possible at the bank’s’ ATMs.

A final thought

We spoke in this article about how to withdraw eWallet from an FNB ATM. It was noted that this is something that anyone who has received money via eWallet can do. The process is fairly simple. If you think you will have issues, jot out notes before going to the ATM. You can then refer to them to make the process even simpler.

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