How Long Does Money Stay in eWallet FNB?

How long does money stay in your FNB eWallet? It’s something that you will be wondering about if you have just received money this way. eWallet is one of the number one money transfer services that can be found in South Africa. The great thing about it is that all FNB customers can send money to people across the country using only phone numbers. The recipient does not need to open an FNB account. Money is send directly to their phone. That’s the power of mobile money. But what’s the expiry for FNB eWallet?

FNB eWallet expires after how long?

If you have received money via FNB eWallet for the first time, the money that you get will expire within 14 days. In that case, money will be returned to the sender. However, if your eWallet has already been activated, money that you receive will not expire.

You should get your money as soon as possible

That’s the answer to the question how long does money stay in eWallet FNB. Remember money that is send is stored in the recipient’s eWallet. But that eWallet is not automatically active.

The person getting the money receives an SMS asking them to activate their eWallet. In the event that that is not done within 2 weeks, money is returned to the sender.

However, if you have been using eWallet for some time, there won’t be any need to panic because money will not be automatically returned to the sender. It will remain in the receiver’s eWallet.

If you wish to reverse the eWallet, follow the steps in the provided article to find out how it’s done. You can do so from the FNB app or from FNB cellphone banking.


In this article, we answered the question how long does money stay in FNB eWallet. It was noted that whether or not the money is going to expire depends on whether it has been send to a new or old recipient.

For an old recipient, there is no need to worry because money that is send will not expire. It is stored in the receiver’s eWallet. However, if the person getting the money is doing so for the very first time, money will be returned to the sender after 14 days if they do not activate their eWallet.

Get a confirmation letter from the FNB app

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