Absa Car Insurance Contact Number

What is the Absa car insurance contact number? You are here either because you are a prospective customer or you are an existing customer looking for help. Absa is one of the banks in South Africa that offer insurance products. Their car insurance offering is very popular among people in the country. So, what is the Absa iDirect insurance number?

Absa idirect car insurance contact number

The Absa car insurance contact number is 0860 111 630. Meanwhile, the iDirect car insurance number is 0860 20 21 22.

What does Absa comprehensive car insurance offer?

That’s the Absa car insurance phone number. We also gave you the Absa iDirect number in the above section. One question that you may be asking yourself is, what do you get when you sign up for comprehensive car insurance with Absa? The following are some of the things that you can expect to get;

  • Cover for events such as fire, explosions, storm and floods
  • You will be covered in the event that your car is stolen
  • Your vehicle will be insured against deliberate acts (not ones that you cause)
  • Towing charges
  • Storage charges
  • Affordable car hire while your own car is being repaired
  • Just start help
  • Windscreen repair

Absa to Absa transfer time


This article was focused on the Absa car insurance contact number. We also highlighted the Absa iDirect number. We also offered a brief look at some of the benefits of getting comprehensive car insurance from Absa.

As a car owner in South Africa, it’s important for you to get comprehensive cover. A lot of people think this is a burden, it it’s not. Insurance can come in handy in a wide range of instances.

If, to give but one example, your car is stolen, you will need insurance to get it replaced. If your car is damaged by rain or by other natural disasters, you will also need insurance to get it fixed. Otherwise you could end up with a lot of bills that need to be paid.

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