How to Reverse FNB eWallet

Do you wish to learn how to reverse FNB eWallet? eWallet is a mobile money transfer service by FNB that allows people in South Africa to send money to other people’s mobile numbers. The recipient does not need to have an FNB account. As long as they have a mobile number, money can be sent to them in any part of the country. You are here because you are looking to reverse money that you sent out via eWallet. We show you how to do it via USSD and on the FNB app.

How to reverse FNB eWallet using USSD

The following is how to reverse FNB eWallet via USSD;

  1. Dial *120*321# on your phone.
  2. Choose Send Money.
  3. Select eWallet Reversal.
  4. Choose the transaction that you wish to reverse.
  5. Complete the next steps.

How to Reverse eWallet using the FNB app

It’s also possible to reverse eWallet using the FNB app. The following is how to do it;

  1. Open the FNB app on your phone.
  2. Choose your Debit Orders account.
  3. Go to My Debit Orders.
  4. Choose the transaction that you wish to reverse.
  5. Give a reason for the reversal.
  6. Click on Reverse.
  7. Confirm that you wish to stop the transaction.

How long does it take for FNB eWallet money to be reversed?

That’s how to reverse FNB eWallet. But how long do you have to wait before money is returned to your account? The duration varies. It can range between 4 and 15 days in some instances. So, the reversal will not be instant. You will have to wait some time before you can get your money back.

Reasons for Reversing eWallet

In this article we showed you how you can cancel an eWallet transation on FNB using the app and via USSD. But why would you reverse an eWallet transaction?

There could be any number of reasons for this? Perhaps you send the wrong amount to the intended recipient. Maybe you typed in more money that you were looking to.

Or maybe you send the money to the wrong number. If you send money to the wrong recipient, you will wish to reverse the transaction as soon as is possible.

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In this article, we showed you how you can reverse money that you have send out to someone using FNB eWallet. It was noted that money can be send to the wrong recipients meaning it will be necessary to do reversals.

Or maybe you send the wrong amount. In any case, the good news is that you can reverse such transactions, but the reversal takes time.

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  1. Someone sent me an ewallet yesterday…I received no sms from FNB with pin number..I’ve checked on my phone the money is in the ewallet…I do not have airtime to request a pin…what must I do

  2. Hi money was send to me by sunbet casino I used the FNBewallet but I dont have fnb card the sms I received said that I have to use my card to withdraw my money what do I do now please help there was no voucher number or pin numbers

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