Standard Bank Fraud Contact Email

What is the Standard Bank fraud contact email? How else can you get in touch with Standard Bank in the event of fraud? The issue of banking fraud is very serious in South Africa. Each year, billions of Rands are lost to people who prey on people’s accounts. There are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself, including by reporting any suspicious activities. You can reach out in a number of ways, including via email? So, what’s the email for reporting fraud at Standard Bank?

Email address for reporting at Standard Bank

The Standard Bank fraud contact email address is You should immediately send out your message in the event that you suspect fraud or other illegal activities on your account and on other accounts.

How else to report fraud

That’s the Standard Bank fraud contact email. We repeat that it’s important to immediately report any instances of fraud. If you wait long, you could end up losing all your money. In this regard, email may not be the best if you have detected unauthorized activities on your account.

The good news is that there are other ways through which to report fraud. You can call the fraud helpline on 0800 222 050. If you are outside South Africa, you can use +27 10 249 0100 to report fraud. Other actions that you can take is to stop your card if that’s the source of illegal activities. You can do so via the Standard bank app.

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Type of fraud

There are many types of fraud taking place in South Africa. Standard Bank gives the following as some of the most common;

  • SIM Swop Scam?
  • Money Mule or Mule Accounts Scam?
  • Investment Scam?
  • Instant Money Scam?
  • UCount Scam?
  • Tax Season Scam?
  • Fraud due to stolen phone
  • Phishing scam
  • Remote access scam
  • Email hacking scam
  • SIM swap scam
  • Holiday scam


That’s the Standard Bank fraud contact email address. In this post, we also gave you alternatives to this email address. We noted that you may wish to call if you have fallen prey to fraud.

That’s a faster way of reaching out when compared to email. It was also revealed that fraud is common in South Africa’s banking sector. We outlined some of the types of fraud that you are likely to encounter.

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