FNB Connect Contact Number

What is the FNB Connect contact number? It’s a question that a number of the bank’s customers in South Africa have been asking. FNB Connect is one of the Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) operating in the country. MVNOs offer mobile network services without having their own infrastructure. They use the physical infrastructure belonging to any one or more of the main network operators operating in the country. FNB Connect uses the MTN network infrastructure. You are here because you wish to get the call centre number for FNB connect.

Contact number for FNB Connect

The FNB Connect contact number is 135 if you are calling from an FNB SIM. When calling from a landline or from any other network, the contact number is 087 575 0147 from any landline.

Why would you opt for FNB Connect?

That’s the FNB Connect contact number. In the above section, we gave you options for calling from both a FNB SIM and from another network. We have also noted that FNB Connect is an MVNO. So, what are the benefits of being on their network? Isn’t it better to just get a SIM for the network whose infrastructure they use?

MVNOs offer a wide range of advantages that make them attractive to some people. It’s the reason why the customer base for FNB Connect has risen to over 870 000. So, what are the attractions that come with being on the network?

FNB Connect offers all the other benefits that you will get from a Mobile Network Operator. That includes deals on data, airtime and gadgets. You can get gadgets on credit just as you would on MTN or Vodacom. On top of that, people with FNB current accounts get rewarded as they use their FNB SIM cards.

How to buy FNB Connect data


In this article, we gave you the FNB Connect contact number. We noted that FNB operates one of the biggest Mobile Virtual Network Operators in South Africa. Such a network is “virtual,” because it rides on the infrastructure of another operator. In this case, FNB Connect uses MTN.

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