How Does Standard Bank Notify Lotto Winners?

Gone are the days when people needed to visit nearby shops to buy lotto tickets. Today, you can do it from your home using your phone. All banks in South Africa, Standard Bank included, allow their customers to play lotto from the comfort of their homes. With Standard Bank, you can do so on the app and through cellphone banking. That makes it easy for you to buy your tickets. But how does Standard Bank notify lotto winners?

How do I know that I have won after playing Lotto on the Standard Bank app?

Standard Bank notifies all Lotto winners via SMS. If you have been lucky enough to win, you will get a text message on your phone within 2 days.

What will be in the message?

That’s how you will know that you have won lotto after playing on the Standard Bank app. You will get a text message informing you of the fact. But what information will be contained in the message?

The text will provide you with a reference number. You need to write this down in case you need it in the future. That’s particularly the case if you have won amounts over R50000. The SMS will also contain the date when you can expect to be paid, if you have won below R50000.

For those that have won above this amount, you will get information on how you can get in touch with Ithuba. You will also get informed what documents you need to take along with you when you visit an Ithuba office.

How are payments handled?

Now that we have answered the question, how does Standard Bank notify lotto winners, it’s time to take a brief look at how payments are handled.

You may have noted from the above section that there is a distinction between those that win below R50000 and those that win above this amount.

If you win more than R50000, you will need to visit your nearest Ithuba office to get your money. You will be required to take along the reference number, your ID and a bank statement for 1 month.


This article was dedicated to answering the question how does Standard Bank notify lotto winners. It was noted that a lot of people are now playing lotto on digital platforms from the comfort of their homes.

It means there is no need to visit a nearby store. When it comes to the notification of winners, that is done via SMS for Standard Bank. That’s great. It’s different from Capitec, which only notifies those that have won over R50000.

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