Standard Bank Cellphone Banking USSD

What is the Standard Bank cellphone banking USSD? It’s something that all Standard Bank customers in South Africa will likely ask at some point in time. The bank is the biggest in the country when it comes to market capitalization. It’s not surprising that Standard Bank has fully embraced digital banking. That includes cellphone banking. That’s a convenient way through which people can access their bank accounts from any phone in any part of the country. So, which code do you use for Standard Bank cellphone banking?

Standard Bank Code for Cellphone Banking

The Standard Bank cellphone banking USSD is *120*2345#. That gives you access to your bank account, allowing you to carry out a wide range of activities.

What can you do with Cellphone banking

That’s the Standard Bank cellphone banking code. We have already noted that this is a crucial code for every Standard Bank customers. It’s easier to use than most of the other digital banking channels. But what can you do with this code? The following are some of the things that you can do;

  • Check account balances
  • Make transfers
  • Pay beneficiaries
  • Buy airtime. If you do not have airtime, you can use *130*2345# to top up your phone.
  • Buy data.
  • Make bill payments.
  • Send Standard Bank Instant Money
  • Buy electricity tokens

Cellphone banking is revolutionary

We have already praised cellphone banking a number of times in this post. We will continue doing so in this section.

The great thing about cellphone banking is that it’s accessible to most people. There was a time when people needed to visit their nearest branches to get simple things done.

Of course, those things were not simple at the time. However, today, they have been simplified by the wonders of technology.

It’s possible as an example to make transfers from one bank account to the other right from your phone. It’s also possible to send money to people who do not even have bank accounts using the Instant Cash facility.

Those are all features that you can access through the Standard Bank cellphone banking USSD. There are many South Africans who live in remote parts of the country. A number of people do not even have smartphones.

The great thing about cellphone banking is that even these people are covered. You do not need a phone that has internet for it to work. It uses USSD, meaning you can access it from any phone in any part of the country.


That’s the Standard Bank cellphone banking USSD. We noted in this article that this is an important code to know. Cellphone banking is important and useful because it does not require internet. It also does not require a smartphone. That makes it accessible to everyone in South Africa.

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