Absa USSD for Buying Airtime

What is the Absa USSD for buying airtime? That’s something that you will wish to learn about if you are an Absa customer. The bank has millions of clients around the country. As is the case with all the other banks in South Africa, Absa has fully embraced digital banking. That makes it easy for people to interact with their accounts without having to visit their nearest branch. You are here because you wish to buy Absa airtime via cellphone banking. What is the USSD code to use in this regard?

USSD for airtime Absa

The Absa USSD for buying airtime is *120*2272#. That’s actually the bank’s code for cellphone banking. With this code, you can buy airtime from any phone. You don’t need to have internet connectivity to use the code.

How else can you buy airtime?

Now you know the Absa USSD for buying airtime. But how else can you buy airtime using your Absa account?

There are many options in this regard. You can buy airtime and data through online banking. Simply log into your account and proceed to the relevant section.

You can also buy airtime at an Absa ATM. Another option is to go to your nearest store to buy airtime using your Absa card. So, the options are limitless in this regard and you shouldn’t have any problem.

What else can you do with this code?

Our focus here was on the Absa USSD for buying airtime. But what else can you with this code?

  • Buy data
  • Use Absa CashSend to send money to people’s phone numbers.
  • View your Absa account balance.
  • Make loan applications
  • Buy electricity tokens
  • Transfer money internally and externally
  • Pay beneficiaries
  • Make bill payments
  • Manage your Absa rewards. You can view and redeem them.
  • Buy prepaid airtime, data and SMS bundles
  • Get a mini-statement

How long does Absa Cash send PIN last?


In this post, we gave you the Absa USSD for buying airtime. We noted that this is one of the functions that you get as part of the cellphone banking. That’s a convenient way through which to interact with your bank account.

You don’t need to have airtime or data in your phone. You can buy airtime using USSD from anywhere in South Africa and from any type of phone. That includes from those old feature phones that have been making something of a comeback.

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