How do I Claim Cashback from Old Mutual

How do I claim Cashback from Old Mutual? It’s something that you will be asking yourself if you have a policy with Old Mutual in South Africa. Cashback is an addon offered by Old Mutual that under which people who opt in are given 15% of their premiums as cash after every 5 years. To qualify for Cashback, you need to pay an extra fee, which can increase your premiums by around 12.5%. You are here because you have been making your payments and you wish to claim cashback. How do you do it?

How to get Old Mutual cashback

  • In most instances, Old Mutual will send you a message telling your that you qualify for a cashback. The message will also tell you when you can expect to get your money.
  • To check whether or not your qualify, send a message to Old Mutual bearing your ID number, Contact number, Email address, Policy number. One of their staff will get back to you. You can send a direct message on Twitter or Facebook. You can also call Old Mutual on their contact number.

What to do to qualify for Cashback?

To be eligible for Cashback bonus, there are a number of things that you need to do;

  • Only people who have opted into Cashback will be rewarded.
  • You need to have gone at least 3 years without claiming on your policy. There are some claims that do not affect your cashback bonus, however, such as claiming to have your Windscreen repaired without actually needing to have it replaced.
  • You need to make sure that all your monthly premiums are paid up. If you miss payments, then you won’t qualify for Cashback.

Why haven’t I gotten my Old Mutual cashback?

That’s how to get cashback from Old Mutual in South Africa. They will usually inform you when you are due. We noted that Cashbacks are paid after every 5 years. But there are some people out there who state that they have gone 10 years claim free, yet they are yet to get a single cashback.

What could be the issue? Well, there are several possibilities here. Perhaps they defaulted on their premiums at some time. Maybe their premiums are not up to date. Or there could be a glitch with Old Mutual.

In any case, you need to reach out to the company using the details that were provided above. Once you have done so, they will be able to tell you whether or not you qualify for Cashback. If yes, they will tell you when you can expect to be paid.


In this article, we answered the question how do I claim my Old Mutual cashback. We noted that cashback is a useful facility under which Old Mutual pays back 15% of premiums after 5 years to people who meet a certain criteria. We also took the time in this post to show you what to do in order to qualify to Old Mutual cashback.

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    1. Please reach out to Old Mutual directly. You can call or chat with them on social media. Find them on Twitter and Facebook. They respond very well there

  1. Hi I just wanted to check wherether I qualified for cash back to one of my policy
    Thank you!

  2. Since August this year I was applied cash back old mutual I did’nt find it I do’ know the problem

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