How to Deactivate Tap to Pay Capitec

Do you wish to learn how to deactivate tap to pay on your Capitec bank card? Tap to pay is a convenient feature that allows you to make payments without having to enter your PIN every time. You can make purchases and payments of up to R500 this way. We have previously shown you how you can activate contactless payments.

We noted in that article that tap to pay is good, but it does have the disadvantage that should a criminal get hold of your card, they will be able to make payments up to the daily limit. That’s the reason why there are some people out there looking for information on how they can switch this feature off. So, how can it be done?

Steps to switch off tap to pay on Capitec

The following is how to deactivate tap to pay on Capitec;

  • You can deactivate the tap to pay feature on your Capitec card via the bank’s mobile app.
  • Another option is to visit your nearest Capitec bank branch where they will deactivate contactless payments on your behalf.

Why switch off contactless payments?

That’s how to deactivate tap to pay on Capitec. You have a couple of options for doing so. But why would you look to switch this feature off? There are several reasons for wanting to do this.

We have already spoken about security. There have been several incidents where people lost their money by having their cards tapped without their knowledge.

Admittedly, the loss here is rather manageable, but it’s still a loss. R500 is still a lot of money to a lot of people and you may wish to deactivate the feature for safety.

Another reason is that if you tap to pay a number of times, you may end up forgetting your PIN, which is another hassle on it’s own. So, you could end up inconveniencing yourself.

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In this post, we showed you what you need to do to deactivate tap to pay on Capitec. Capitec is South Africa’s largest bank when it comes to the number of subscribers. They have over 16 million. This feature is great in that it means you don’t have to waste time typing in your PIN. But contactless payments make your card vulnerable because anyone who has it can make payments by tapping at approved points.

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