Old Mutual Customer Care Contact Number

Are you looking for the Old Mutual customer care contact number? Old Mutual is one of the biggest diversified financial services companies in South Africa. They offer a number of products. These range from insurance to banking and investment. They also provide loans to people around South Africa. You are here because you wish to get in touch with Old Mutual. The best way of doing so is through their customer care phone number. But what is it?

Old Mutual Call Centre Number

The following are the Old Mutual contact care customer numbers;

ServicesContact Number
Customer Complaints0860 50 60 70
Funeral Policies, 2-in-1 plans, life plans
Retirement plans, Burial Support plan,
0860 60 70 00
Tax free savings account,
Invest Flexible Plan, Max Investments
XtraMax, Greelight, Flexidowment
0860 50 60 70
Loan Complaints0860 445 445
Loan Collections0860 633 377
Money Account Digital 0860 000 883
Loan Sales0860 000 866
Old Mutual Insure0860 22 55 63
Unit Trusts0860 234 234
Old Mutual Wealth0860 999 199

Old Mutual has different customer care numbers depending on the department

As you can see in the above table, Old Mutual has different customer care contact numbers depending on the department that you wish to reach;

Customer complaints

For customer complaints, the Old Mutual call centre number is 0860 50 60 70. This number covers everything that has to do with Old Mutual. If you have an issue that you wish to raise, then this is the number to call.


For funeral policies, life plans, retirement plans and burial plans, the number to call is 0860 60 70 00. Life insurance plans are at the core of Old Mutual’s business.

Savings account

If you have a savings account with Old Mutual, then the number that you can use to contact the company is 0860 50 60 70.


If your query is related to loans, you have a number of contact numbers that you can use to reach out to Old Mutual. The number that you use depends on the nature of your contact.

For complaints, you can call 0860 445 445. For loan collections, use the number 0860 633 377. If you wish to get a loan, you can call 0860 000 866.

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Those looking to call about Old Mutual’s insurance products can call 0860 22 55 63. This is another product for which the company is well know. You can insure your home and other products with old mutual.

Unit Trusts

Old Mutual is also known for Unit Trust. If you are a customer, you can reach out to the company on 860 234 234. The same applies for those looking to get more information about the company’s Unit Trusts.

Why look for the Old Mutual Customer care number

In this article we gave you the Old Mutual customer care contact number. So, why would you be looking for this number. There could be any number of reason for doing so. Most people seek to reach out to Old Mutual to get additional information about a product that they are interested in.

Other people get in touch to complain. It’s the same for every other company that’s out there. Perhaps you are a customer and you are not satisfied with the service that you have gotten. In that case you are in luck because we have given you the Old Mutual call centre number to use to reach out to the company.

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