FNB Roadside Assistance Contact Number

What is the FNB roadside assistance contact number? This is something that you will be asking about if you have the FNB Fusion Credit Card or the FNB Fusion Petrol Card. These cards come with free AA roadside assistance. You also get roadside assistance if you have insured your car with FNB. You are here because you wish to have run into a mishap and you wish to contact FNB to get emergency roadside help. Which number do you use?

FNB roadside assistance contact details

The FNB petrol card roadside assistance contact number is 0860 70 60 50. You will be asked to provide your details including your name, surname, Petro card number and your phone number. Meanwhile, the roadside assistance call center number for those who have FNB car insurance is 0873120001.

Is this number available throughout the day

That is the FNB roadside assistance contact number. But are the details provided above available 24 hours a day.

The answer is yes, both the numbers given at the top are available throughout the day. It means you can get help at whatever time that you call.

It reduces the chance that you will ever get stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Other contact details

In the above sections, we focused on the FNB roadside assistance contact details. But are there other ways through which you can get in touch in the case of an emergency.

If you are unable to get help using the above numbers, you can try the FNB 24 hour general number. They will tell you what to do. You can also reach FNB on email fnbinsurancebrokers@fnb.co.za.

You can also reach out to FNB on social media. They are fairly responsive on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These places come with the added advantage that you retain your chats and can refer to them in the future.


That is the FNB roadside assistance contact number. In this article, we showed that FNB offers roadside assistance in a couple of instances.

If you are insured with FNB car insurance, you automatically get roadside assistance. On top of that, if you have FNB Fusion Credit Card or the FNB Fusion Petrol Card, that also qualifies you to get roadside assistance.

What are the FNB credit card requirements?

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