FNB Forex Branches

Are you looking for a list of the FNB forex branches? If yes, you have come to the right place. FNB has a robust forex division, that offers a wide range of services. These include foreign exchange, money transfer and online payments. The good news is that FNB has a wide range of foreign exchange branches that are dotted around South Africa. We will provide a list of them in this article.

FNB Forex Branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Elsewhere

Below are the FNB forex branches in South Africa. Note that FN.1 branches are authorized to buy USDs, GBPs, Euros, AUD and 18 other major currencies. Meanwhile, FN.2 branches can sell USDs, GBPs, Euros and AUDs (only). Finally, FN.3 branches can sell 18 major currencies including USDs and GBPs.

Eastern CapeCradockFN.1, FN.2
GrahamstownFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Jeffreys BayFN.1, FN.2
Newton ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Port AlfredFN.1, FN.2
QueenstownFN.1, FN.2
Vincent ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Walmer ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Free StateCollege Square FN.1, FN.2
KroonstadFN.1, FN.2
Preller PleinFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Gauteng4 Merchant PlaceFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
BankcityFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Bedford GardensFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
BroadacresFN.1, FN.2
BrooklynFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
CarlswaldFN.1, FN.2
CenturionFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Clearwater MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Cresta CentreFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
EastgateFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Festival MallFN.1, FN.2
Fifth Avenue SpringsFN.1, FN.2
FordsburgFN.1, FN.2
Fourways MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
GreenstoneFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
HatfieldFN.1, FN.2
Hyde ParkFN.1, FN.2
Key WestFN.1, FN.2
KillarneyFN.1, FN.2
LambtonFN.1, FN.2
Kwazulu NatalBallitoFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
DavenportFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Durban NorthFN.1, FN.2
Florida RoadFN.1, FN.2
Galleria MallFN.1, FN.2
GatewayFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
HowickFN.1, FN.2
KloofFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Midlands MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
NewcastleFN.1, FN.2
PongolaFN.1, FN.2
Port ShepstoneFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Richards BayFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
The PavilionFN.1, FN.2
LimpopoBela-BelaFN.1, FN.2
HoedspruitFN.1, FN.2
Louise TrichardtFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Mall of the NorthFN.1, FN.2
MusinaFN.1, FN.2
PhalaborwaFN.1, FN.2
Platinum ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
North WestBathopeleFN.1, FN.2
PotchefstroomFN.1, FN.2
Waterfall MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
WilkoppiesFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
ZeerustFN.1, FN.2
MpumalangaHighveld MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Nelspruit PinnacleFN.1, FN.2
Riverside ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
SecundaFN.1, FN.2
SkukuzaFN.1, FN.2
WitbankFN.1, FN.2
Northern CapeNew ParkFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
UpingtonFN.1, FN.2
Western CapeAdderley StreetFN.1, FN.2
Century CityFN.1, FN.2
CeresFN.1, FN.2
GeorgeFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
HermanusFN.1, FN.2
KnysnaFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Long BeachFN.1, FN.2
PaarlFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Plettenberg BayFN.1, FN.2
PlumsteadFN.1, FN.2
Green PointFN.1, FN.2
Sea PointFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Somerset MallFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
StellenboschFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
Table ViewFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
TokaiFN.1, FN.2, FN.3
VineyardFN.1, FN.2
VredenburgFN.1, FN.2
WillowbridgeFN.1, FN.2, FN.3

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Those are the FNB forex branches dotted around South Africa. This is an important service that the bank offers. In case you wish to buy forex, these are the places where to go. The same applies if you wish to sell forex.

Before visiting a branch, you need to be sure that it offers the services that you are looking for. There are some FNB forex branches that only buy and sell a limited set of currencies. Others cover everything.

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