FNB eWallet USSD Code

What is the FNB eWallet USSD code? It’s something that a number of people have been asking about. FNB, one of the biggest banks in South Africa, offers a popular mobile money transfer service called eWallet. With this service, FNB customers are able to sent money to people across the country. The beneficiaries do not need to have FNB accounts. They also do not need to have accounts with other banks. All that they need is a South African phone number and they will be able to receive money. But what USSD code do you need to dial in order to access the service?

USSD code for FNB eWallet

The FNB eWallet USSD code is  *120*321#. After dialing this code, you will be able to carry out a wide range of transactions, including sending money and buying airtime. You will also be able to buy electricity using this code. A number of Spar stores also accept FNB eWallet, so you can buy directly without having to withdraw the money.

You need to be registered for cellphone banking

That’s the FNB eWallet USSD code. One thing to note here is that you need to be registered for FNB cellphone banking to be able to use this service.

Cellphone banking is convenient. You don’t need to have data or airtime in order to use it. That’s because this service uses USSD.

Another great thing is that cellphone banking works anywhere. It works whether you are in the remotest part of the country or whether you are in a city.

What is the FNB eWallet limit?


In this article, we gave you the FNB eWallet USSD. We noted that you need this code when sending money to people across South Africa. It was also noted that FNB has one of the most popular money transfer services in the country.

With eWallet, you can send money to people across the country, whether or not they are FNB customers. eWallet allows money to be sent to a mobile number, and collection can be done at a wide range of stores.

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